Business intelligence

KPI development and business insight. How do you measure success in your business? Selecting and reporting the right measures can help you make better decisions.

Dashboards and scorecards. Summarising management information into attractive one page documents or screens can help management better understand their business.

Management information. Do your management have the detailed information they need to run their daily business?

Planning, budgeting and forecasting. Planning is the first step towards success. Identifying and explaining deviations from that plan is a key step to achieving it.

Technology solutions

Mobile applications. We develop iPhone and iPad applications, as well as HTML apps that will work on all mobile devices.

Bespoke business solutions. Automating labour intensive tasks, our bespoke solutions can make your business more efficient and effective. While Filemaker Pro is our preferred platform, we strongly support Microsoft Access and Excel.

Web presence and applications. Getting onto the web is critical. Having web applications you and your clients can use is better. We can help with both.

Technology enablement. If you have more basic technology needs - getting online, setting up an intranet, software or hardware selection - we can support your first steps.


MS Excel for Accountants. Many accountants have either not been taught to use Excel properly to support their needs or have attended courses that did not focus on their needs.

Our course gets accountants up to speed in the shortest possible time.

MS Excel Best Practice. Getting the best out of Excel is not all about formulas and functions. Sometimes it is about knowing how to design to best present information, or how to build a robust workbook, or having the inside tips and tricks to get things done faster. This course is designed to get you aligned to best practice. Today.

MS Excel Novice to Guru in Two Days. A whirlwind expose on the minimum you need to know to be the office Excel guru. If you know how to construct a =SUM() function you know enough to do this course.