It can be difficult to know how to use Excel in the most effective way especially if you don't have access to someone who can help you. Perhaps you don't have access to an Excel guru in the office that can show you the best way to do things, so you just figure it out on your own. Perhaps you have completed a course, but forget most of what you've learnt because you don't use it often enough to lock it into memory. Perhaps you're a newly graduated accountant about to join CPA Australia, in your first job and haven't been taught about Excel at university.

You want to get better. You need to get better. 

If that's the case, you're going to love the Excel for Savvy Accountants eBook.

Excel for Savvy Accountants reveals the secret to get the skills you need: focus on the things that matter and leave out the things that don't. But what matters and what doesn't? 

  • The vast majority of accountants only need to know 16 of the over 450 functions Excel has, and know them well, to become an efficient user. 
  • Design is important. Not only does it help people to read and understand information presented in Excel, it looks professional.
  • Small tips and tricks go a long way in making you a more effective Excel user.

The most useful functions

Excel for Savvy Accountants identifies the 16 functions you need to know in order to be an effective Excel user. 

Importantly, these functions are explained in plain English so that they are easy to understand and remember.

Design best practices

Design is important. Not just because it looks better but because it helps to convey the right message.

Excel for Savvy Accountants summarises the fundamentals of best practice design practices and presents them in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

Tips, tricks and recipies

Excel for Savvy Accountants has 50 tips / shortcuts / tricks for you to use that will increase your effectiveness almost straight away.

Excel for Savvy Accountants also has 50 'recipes' - examples of formula that achieve common tasks - for you to use in your own spreadsheets.

Remember - the approach of Excel for Savvy Accountants is to focus on the things that have been proven to increase Excel-effectiveness quickly. 

Excel for Savvy Accountants is not a soup-to-nuts how-to for Excel. It doesn't cover power-user functions that aren't used often. It doesn't address macros because you're not a computer programmer and shouldn't have to be. Nor does it address any of the absolute basics of computer or application use, such as turning on a computer, opening / closing / saving files, starting and exiting applications or printing.

Don't worry, you'll still end up with plenty of tools in your Excel-toolkit to be more effective than most, if not all, of your workplace colleagues.

Because of this approach, Excel for Savvy Accountants also makes a few assumptions about you. Namely, you know how to use a PC or Mac and you have entered basic text and / or formula into Excel or some other spreadsheet. You work with Excel regularly or semi-regularly and you are comfortable knowing the least you need to know to get better quickly. You don't have to be a qualified accountant or a member of CPA Australia, though - the material covered will be of value for most office-based workers.

90 day money-back guarantee

If after 90 days you're not completely convinced that Excel for Savvy Accountants has made you a more effective Excel user, you'll receive a 100% refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Get the book

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