How to join text in different cells

One really handy thing you can do in Excel is join text from different cells. Joining cells is sometimes called 'concatenation'.

In this example we have a column of first names, a column of last names, and some cells that we want to populate wth both first an last names.

So how might we go about that. Well, it's pretty simple.

Click on the video for the details.


The quickest, easiest way to make spreadsheets look better

My number one tip when it comes to making spreadsheet look better is to turn off gridlines.

Gridlines are switched on by default in Excel. And they are useful in creating spreadsheets. But they are not so great at helping finished spreadsheets look good.

It is simple to turn off gridlines. You can always put them back, but for mine they look better without them.

Play the video for the details.