Download Excel Formula Examples - Working with Text

This is the next in a series of blog posts where we show you how to do some common things in Excel - and spreadsheets - by providing downloadable examples.

The file included in this blog post covers working with text in Excel and shows ho to: 

  • Use Excel to join two names, with a space in between
  • Use Excel to split a name in two, given a space between the two names
  • Get the middle part of three part name using Excel
  • Use Excel to capitalise the first letter of multiple words
  • Use Excel to capitalise all letters of multiple words
  • Use Exce to make all letters of multiple words small
  • Use Excel to replace a word
  • Use excel to remove a word
  • Use Excel to remove excess spaces from a series of words

The provided formulas be edited for your purposes, but they do work as-is and should help you understand how to work with text in Excel.