Laravel 4 using the PHP built in web server

I didn't see this covered in any documentation on the web so I thought I'd plonk it here.

I've been looking at Laravel as a web development platform. I want to use the built in PHP (5.4 and up) web server and I did not get any joy out of the examples provided by Nettuts and the Laravel site until I used the helper file that comes with L4, sever.php. The commentary in that file (almost) says it all -
// This file allows us to emulate Apache's "mod_rewrite" functionality from the
// built-in PHP web server. This provides a convenient way to test a Laravel
// application without having installed a "real" web server software here.
So for me, http://localhost:8888 did not work, but http://localhost:8888/server.php did. Similarly, folowing an example on the Laravel site, http://localhost:8888/users did not work, but http://localhost:8888/server.php/users did.

Hope this saves you a few hours.