Tech summary - issue 6


  • Australia falling further behind in IT ranking
  • Australia continues to fall in technology-ready global rankings because it is too risk-averse and conservative with IT spending.
  • The 2013 Global Information Technology rankings, produced by the World Economic Forum and released Thursday, put Australia at 18th, out of 144 nations, for business and government readiness to benefit from technology. It is down from 9th in 2004 and from 17th last year.


  • Apple Patents A ... And Street View Navigation That Can Go Inside Buildings
  • Another patent application published today could give a clue as to where Apple is headed with Maps. It describes a navigation method for a Street View-style look at the world from the perspective of someone walking the streets themselves. The difference between Apple’s patent and existing Google Street View navigation is that Apple’s is motion controlled, treating the environment as a panorama, which can be navigated based on motion detection from onboard device sensors to let a user truly experience a virtual “walk” through the streets of a city.
  • Apple recently acquired indoor mapping company WiFiSlam, and this patent also describes making use of the system to map and navigated indoor environments, too, so that users could go “inside” select buildings. It was originally filed in September of 2011.

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And finally ...

  • The tech scene in Greece is booming—thanks to desperation and 60% youth unemployment
  • In the past, the vast majority of twenty-somethings vied for cushy government positions that guaranteed a paycheck and a stagnant career in a government office. 
  • Now youth unemployment stands at nearly 60% despite relatively high levels of education. 
  • Two choices now remain for young people: leave Greece or create your own business.
  • Despite the dire situation ... Greece’s ... fledgling tech scene now consists of about 200 companies, up from just a handful before the crisis, that create mostly software and apps.