Tech summary - issue 3



  • Intel Exits Motherboard Business
  • “... Intel’s Desktop Motherboard Business will begin slowly ramping down over the course of the next three years,” Intel stated in an email to press.
  • Diverts the majority of its resources into the burgeoning smartphone, tablet, and ultrabook markets.

Beyond 2020

  • Sergey Brin Dons Google Glass ...
  • Google co-founder Sergey Brin rides the subway, just like the rest of us, but when he does, he’s wearing Google Glass
  • Project Glass is an R&D program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display. Project Glass products would display information ... hands-free and could interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands

Odd spot

  • Thieves Rob Microsoft Office, Take Only iPads
  • Someone raided Microsoft's Silicon Valley Research Center in Calif., and stole five iPads, but left all the Microsoft stuff just sitting there. 
  • Some people thought it might be a hoax, but apparently it's true. Wow.